Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


The Higher School Academy of Sciences (HSAS) of Ukraine is an all-Ukrainian public organization bringing together the leading scholars and teachers of higher educational institutions of Ukraine who undertake fundamental and applied research in the field of natural, technical, and humanitarian sciences. The Academy promotes integration of research and study. The Academy cooperates with the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine and other ministries pertinent to higher educational institutions, the State Agency for Science, Innovations, and Information of Ukraine, research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, other public and private research institutions, as well as research departments of Ukrainian higher educational institutions.

The Academy acts by virtue of its Statute approved by the Constituent Assembly on November 27, 1992 and registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on March 10, 1993 (Certificate No. 422), as amended by the General Meeting of December 18, 1999 and April 17, 2004, by the Conference of April 8, 2006 and the General Meeting of December 15, 2007, all amendments being duly confirmed by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

The main decision-making body of the Academy is the General Meeting (Conference) which is summoned at least once a year. Within the period between the General Meetings (Conferences), the Academys matters are supervised by the members of the Presidium and its President, which are elected by the General Meeting (Conference) for the term of 3 years. Research and regional subunits are the main elements the Academys organizational structure. Acting Members of the Academy are elected among leading professors, doctors of sciences, who are employed by higher educational institutions, have enriched science with significant achievements, and have formed own research schools.

The founding of the HSAS occurred at the backdrop of democratization in the Ukrainian science in early 1990s. It was a response to an objective need of raising the status of university-based research, which under the administrative system taking its origin from the USSR faced certain discrimination compared to research in the institutions of the academies of science.

The first initiative group favoring establishment of the Higher School Academy of Sciences included renowned Ukrainian scientists, professors of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University Vitaliy I. Strikha and Yurii I. Chutov, as well as the doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences Mykola I. Drobnokhod. The Constituent Assembly summoned by the initiative group on November 27, 1992 welcomed 50 leading doctors of sciences, professors of higher educational institutions, who became the Founding Academicians of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The Assembly approved the Statute of the Academy and elected its management. V.I. Strikha was elected the first President of the Academy; M.I. Drobnokhod and Yu. I. Chutov were elected Vice-Presidents; M.G. Kuvshynkyi was elected the Scientific Secretary.

The early years of the Academy became the time of its intensive organizational development and the growth of its authority. The regional branches of the HSAS of Ukraine were established in all regional centers of the country. Its research departments encompassed the entire range of research topics in Ukrainian higher educational institutions. Great prestige with the scientific community was earned by the Academy Awards the Saint Volodymyr Award (granted annually for public activities furthering the development of Ukrainian education and science) and the Iaroslav the Wise Award (conferred upon those demonstrating achievements in the science and technology domain). The Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has been the organizer of multiple scientific conferences, seminars, round tables, dedicated to current issues of the development of Ukrainian science and the higher school.

Leading higher educational institutions of Ukraine have become collective members of the HSAS of Ukraine; therefore, by late 1998, the Academy activities were uniting the efforts of not only its 418 acting members, but also of thousands of professors and docents from virtually every Ukrainian higher educational institution the intellectual elite of Ukraine.

It was the time, however, when stagnation trends became apparent in the life of the Academy, which largely pertained to the general change of the social atmosphere, the weakening of the democratic impulse of early 1990s, and an extremely grave financial condition of the Ukrainian education and science in general. A heavy blow was delivered upon the Academy when on February 08, 1999, its Founder and First President, V.I. Strikha, suddenly passed away. On December 18 of the same year, M.I. Drobnokhod was elected the next President of the Academy.

Within this period, the work of Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine started demonstrating certain crisis phenomena caused by the fact that the scientific secretary of the time, M.I. Dubyna, decided to use the Academys high authority for personal gains. In view of the fact that such plans were opposed by the healthy core of the Academy led by M.I. Drobnokhod, on December 21, 2002, in the general meeting held without the due quorum, M.I. Dubyna, in obvious contradiction to the Statute, was proclaimed to be elected the president of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The overwhelming majority of academicians did not acknowledge the legitimacy of the meeting, therefore, all registration documents and the seal of the Academy were held by the legitimate president of the Higher School Academy of Sciences M.I. Drobnokhod. However, the prolonged use by M.I. Dubyna of an illegally produced seal and the Academys name with the aim of covering the activities of his personal virtual organization inflicted serious moral and material damage upon the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Therefore, on April 23, 2005, the Conference of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, acting by virtue of the Statute, excluded M.I. Dubyna from the Academy and deprived him of the academician title.

The General Meeting of the Academy held on April 17, 2004, elected the new management headed by President M.I. Drobnokhod. On the basis of the decision by Golosiivskyi District Court of Kyiv dated March 02, 2006, which is in full force and effect, the legitimacy of the Meeting was upheld. This event marked the end of speculations with regard to who is entitled to lawful use of the Academys name. On April 08, 2006, the Conference of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine informed the scientific community that all academician and honorable academician diplomas of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and academic award winner diplomas issued starting 2002 and signed by M.I. Dubyna, who had been excluded from the Academy and who is under criminal case investigation initiated by the prosecutors office on charge of fraud and document falsifications, shall be null and void.

The year 2004 brought the revival of the scientific and organizational life of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Its Presidium and the majority of scientific units demonstrated stable work. The milestones for the Academy in this period encompass the following: Annual Academic Readings in memory of V.I. Strikha, which gained the status of one of known forums of the university science; the restoration of Scientific notes of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; the launching of Academys website at http://anvsu.org.ua, which features current information on the HSAS life and publishes articles authored by the academicians; launching the English-language magazine Scientific Horizons covering a wide range of topics (founded by the Western Scientific Center of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). For many years, the Academy has published an authoritative scientific and practical quarterly journal Osvita i Upravlinnia (Education and Management). The Academy scientists are partakers of multiple scholarly conferences, workshops, round tables etc.

The growth of the Academys status and influence in the research and education was favored by the work of the HSAS of Ukraine President M.I. Drobnokhod in the position of the Counselor for the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine (2005-2010), as a member of the Ministry of Education and Science Collegium (2008-2010) and as a member of the Board of Trustees of Zavtra.UA Scholarship Program run by Viktor Pinchuk Charity Fund. The Academy has been consistently involved in important events of the nations scientific and educational life; it has partaken in discussions and offered suggestions with regard to the drafts of state regulatory documents. Based on its recommendation, a number of leading scientists have been distinguished with state awards.

The Report and Election Conference of the Academy dated April 24, 2010 reelected M.I. Drobnokhod the President of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for the next 3-year term, formed a new Presidium and the Control and Revision Commission, as well as determined the main directions of the Academy activities for the future period. The activities, in particular, encompass participation in the processes of Ukrainian higher school and science reforming; participation in the establishment of new directions of scientific research in higher educational institutions of Ukraine by way of closer cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the State Agency for Science, Innovations, and Information of Ukraine, and the Parliamentary Committee for Education and Science; information exchange with other domestic and international research organizations; activities aimed at the expansion of Ukrainian language in research; cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with the aim of supporting education with modern Ukrainian textbooks; protection of rights of higher school employees teachers, scholars, and managers.

In conformity with the Resolution of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Conference dated April 24, 2010, 307 leading Ukrainian and foreign researchers are the Academy members (academicians and honorary academicians). It is noteworthy that virtually all academicians are the founders of own scientific schools and have enriched the world of science with gains of primary importance, and work actively in the education field. Almost all of them are involved in the activities of various specialized and expert boards, editorial boards of famous scientific print media; they have been distinguished with state and scientific awards. A great number of them have been elected acting members and correspondent members of the most prestigious international scientific associations and state academies of Ukraine.

Academicians founders of Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, elected by Statutory Meeting of November 27, 1992



1. Aleksyuk A. (Kyiv)

2. Andreichyn M. (Ternopil)

3. Andrienko D.(Kyiv)

4. Barinov E. (Donetsk)

5. Belov Y. (Kyiv)

6. Bilodid O. (Kyiv)

7. Bilous V. (Uman)

8. Belous V. (Odesa)

9. Butkevych V. (Kyiv)

10. Velykyi M. (Lviv)

11. Vlokh I. (Lviv)

12. Vlokh O. (Lviv)

13. Voroshilov Y. (Uzhgorod)

14. Golovach A. (Kyiv)

15. Gubar S. (Odessa)

16. Hudyvok P. (Uzhgorod)

17. Dorogovtsev A. (Kyiv)

18. Drobnokhod M. (Kyiv)

19. Zyma V. (Kyiv)

20. Ivasyshen S. (Chernivtsi)

21. Karetnikov V. (Odesa)

22. Kirilyuk V. (Lviv)

23. Kolyadenko V. (Kyiv)

24. Komendar V. (Uzhgorod)

25. Kornilov M. (Kyiv)

26. Kuvshynskyy M. (Kyiv)

27. Kulish V.(Sumy)

28. Loboyko A. (Kharkiv)

29. Liashenko I. (Kyiv)

30. Moschych P. (Kyiv)

31. Nabyvanets B. (Kyiv)

32. Nagorniak S.(Kyiv)

33. Nosenko A. (Lviv)

34. Petrenko P. (Kyiv)

35. Pistun M. (Kyiv)

36. Rudnytsky V.(Khmelnytskyi)

37. Savitsky V. (Lviv)

38. Savula Y. (Lviv)

39. Saukh P. (Rivne)

40. Savchuk V. (Kyiv)

41. Sikora V. (Kyiv)

42. Slyvka V. (Uzhgorod)

43. Slyusarchuk V. (Rivne)

44. Striha V. (Kyiv)

45. Fedorenko A.. (Sumy)

46. Fitsula M. (Ternopil)

47. Cherednichenko A. (Kyiv)

48. Chutov Y. (Kyiv)

49. Yablonsky V. (Kamianets Podilsky)

50. Yatsimirsky V. (Kyiv)



A prominent Ukrainian physics scientist, pedagogue and public activist. Initiator of the creation and the first President of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

He was born in Kyiv on May 30, 1931, in the family of intelligent Ukrainians. In 1950, he finished secondary school with cum laude diploma and was admitted to the Physics Department of Kyiv State University of Taras Shevchenko in the same year. Starting from 1952 he continued his studies with the newly created Radiophysics Department of Kyiv State University, from which he graduated in 1955. From that moment on, and until the last days of his life, the scientific and educational work of V.I. Strikha was connected precisely with this educational institution. He started his career as an engineer and later became the supervisor of the problem-solving laboratory of physics and semi-conductors technology which he established (1964-1999); the Head of the Semiconductor Physics Department (1975-1996); and finally the Vice-Rector for academic (1984-1985) and scientific (1985-1990) work.

While at the Radiophysics Department of Kyiv State University of Taras Shevchenko, V.I. Strikha developed seven new courses, which he taught till the last days of his life (the most important among these being The Contact Phenomena in Semiconductors, Methods of Research of Semiconductors). He also lectured courses in a number of foreign universities (the University of Rome, Italy; Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland; Ecole Central de Lion, France; Bratislava University, Slovakia, etc.).

In 1962, Mr. Strikha defended his candidate of sciences (PhD) thesis The Study of Physical Processes in Point Diodes and Their Connection with Semiconductor Characteristics (scientific supervisor Professor V.Ie. Lashkariov, one of the founders of the semiconductor science in Ukraine). Starting from 1968, V.I. Strikha is the doctor of physics and mathematics sciences (thesis The Study of Physical Features of the Metal-Semiconductor Contact). He earned the professors title in 1973.

His main scientific works are in the field of investigation and use of the metal-semiconductor contact. In collaboration with his fellow research workers, he developed and proved experimentally the real contact theory taking into account the intermediary layer and surface states; he was the first to prove the involvement of surface states in electric current transmission; he conducted large-scale research of surface states for different contacts. He predicted and detected a number of new physical effects, which enabled development of a wide range of ultrahigh precision diodes and integrated circuits and launching their production.

The scholar developed scientific principles of production of semiconductor devices with the Schottky barrier (detectors, mixing and multiplication diodes, transistors), due to which 16 new types of ultrahigh frequecy devices were developed. For many years he presided over the All-Soviet Union Program for Devices Based on the Schottky barrier; headed a number of other republic-level and interdepartmental programs; was the member of many scientific boards, the editorial boards of some scientific periodicals (Izvestia vuzov. Fizika (Higher Educational Institutions News. Physics); Optoelektronika i poluprovodnikovaya tekhnika (Optoelectronics and Semiconductor Engineering) etc.)

The scientist developed the theory and created effective solar elements on the basis of contact structures. Strictly objecting to the expediency of the priority development of nuclear power, he was the proponent of active use of environment-friendly renewable energy sources. For a few years, he led the state scientific and technical program Alternative Energy Sources, Including the Solar, Wind and Electrochemical Ones. He pioneered the study of biosensors in Ukraine (these works were conducted by V.I. Strikha in the last years of his life in active cooperation with French scientists).

He authored over 250 scientific works, among which are 7 monographs, 3 textbooks and study manuals, namely Theoretical Fundamentals of Operation of the Metal-Semiconductor Contact (Kyiv, 1974); Contact Phenomena in Semiconductors(Kyiv, 1982); Contact Phenomena in Semiconductors (co-authored with G.I. Peka, Kyiv, 1992), Solar Elements Based on the Metal-Semiconductor Contact (co-authored with S.S. Kilchytska, St.-Petersburg, 1992) and others. V.I. Strikhas article Rectifying Features of Metal-Semiconductor Contact (1967) was republished in the special edition of the Ukrainian Physics Journal, published on the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, as one of the 35 most prominent works of all time by Ukrainian physicists (along with articles by L. Landau, L. Shubnikov, M. Bogoliubov, K. Tolpyg, V. Lashkariov and other classic representatives of the domestic science).

He supervised 5 doctors of science and 28 candidates of science (PhD).

V.I. Strikha is the winner of the State Science and Technology Prize (1970) and Yaroslav the Wise Award of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1996). He is the Soros Professor (1994).

He was the author of a number of research papers and publicist articles dedicated to the problems of preservation and development of science and higher school in Ukraine. A person of a wide humanistic outlook and active life position, V.I. Strikha devoted the last years of his life to the preservation of the scientific and educational potential of Ukraine, the intellect of the Ukrainian nation. V.I. Strikha aspired to implement his views of the truly democratic character of science and the indissolubility of research and education, in the framework of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine established by him, also, of which he was the President and academician from November 27, 1992 till the end of his life.

V.I. Strikha died on February 08, 1999, his body rests at the Baikove Cemetery of Kyiv. The scientific and public activities of V.I. Strikha were distinguished with the academic St. Volodymyr Award (2004, post mortem). Starting 2004, annual Academic Readings in memory of V.I. Strikha are held, being the major scientific forum of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Academic Awards Winners

Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine




Saint Volodymyr Award

Hedrih (Stevanovich) Katica

Regeda Mykhaylo

Yablonsky Yaroslav

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Berveno Sergiy

Terek Olga

Rumyantsev Anatoliy

Chernovatyy Leonid

Karaban Vyacheslav

Shvachko Svitlana

Kidalov Valentyn

Koval Valeriy

Sukach Georgiy

Bazhyn Anatoliy

Hryhorkiv Vasyl

Garashchenko Fedir

Pozniak Stepan




Saint Volodymyr Award

Petrenko Petro

Vakarchuk Ivan

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Buchatskiy Leonid

Velykyy Mykola

Serhiichuk Volodymyr

Sereda Borys

Shaykevych Igor

Kalenykovych Oleg




Saint Volodymyr Award

Romanovskyy Oleksiy

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Ivasyshen Stepan

Molchanov Oleksandr

Nikolenko Yuriy



Saint Volodymyr Award

Dzuba Ivan

Drobnokhod Mykola

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Barna Mykolay

Boldyrev Rostyslav

Goncharuk Jakiv

Grygoryuk Ivan

Hrynkevych Volodymyr

Zaichenko Yuriy

Kostyshyn Stepan

Kuzmenko Vasyl

Milenin Andriy

Novikova Maryna

Regeda Mykhaylo

Strikha Maksym



Saint Volodymyr Award

Nikolaenko Stanislav

Artemchuk Halík

Kononenko Petro

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Gladkyh Volodymyr

Ovcharuk Anatoliy

Proydak Yuriy

Kosterin Sergiy

Miroshnychenko Mykola

Prilutsky Yuriy

Anisimov Anatoliy

Demchyk Mykhaylo

Makarczyk Mykolay

Kaluyev Alan

Klymko Grygoriy

Hudyvok Petro

Tyshko Fedir




Saint Volodymyr Award

Sytnik Konstantin

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Zorivchak Roksolana

Matkovsky Orest

Boyko Anatoliy

Patyka Volodymyr

Polishchuk Valeriy

Budzenivska Iryna

Szymon Ludwik

Chumachenko Volodymyr

Perestyuk Mykola

Ivashchenko Valeriy

Tereshchenko Vasyl

Beyko Ivan

Yablonsky Valentyn




Saint Volodymyr Award

Striha Vitaliy (posthumous)

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Not awarded




Not awarded




Saint Volodymyr Award

Kurako Yuriy

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Zagnitko Anatoliy

Kaliuschenko Volodymyr

Filipenko Anton

Panchuk May

Rizun Volodymyr

Bolshakov Volodymyr

Pogribnyi Anatoliy

Datsenko Irina

Tumanov Viktor




Saint Volodymyr Award

Movchan Pavlo

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Stupin Oleksandr

Starikov Olena

Vasylyevy Leonid

Kalakura Yaroslav

Vinokur Ion

Mykolachuk Vitaliy

Zapasko Yakym

Gasik Mykhaylo

Nadolnyy Ivan

Vanhanen William

Andrushchenko Viktor




Saint Volodymyr Award

Polyakov Mykola

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Nakonechny Oleksandr

Cherednichenko Oleksandr

Tsapko Valeriy

Pylypchyk Oleg

Zhupanskyy Yaroslav

Sitenko Olexiy

Laznia Igor

Grishchak Victor

Bilous Vasyl

Astrelin Igor




Saint Volodymyr Award

Yevtushenko Stanislav

Zhezhelenko Igor

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Virchenko Nina

Gubinsky Volodymyr

Liashenko Igor

Polishchuk Viktor

Yatel Georgiy

Yatsymirskyy Vitaliy



Saint Volodymyr Award

Vlokh Orest

Moschych Petro

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Vinnikov Albert

Zinchenko Oleksandr

Moskalenko Anatoliy

Gubenko Svitlana

Pistun Mykola

Maiboroda Vasyl

Gorokhov Ievgen

Slusarenko Anatoliy

Tsymbalyuk Vitaliy

Nykula Taras

Zymenkovskyy Boris

Konovalenko Olga




Saint Volodymyr Award

Taran-Zhovnir Yuriy

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Andreichyn Mikchaylo

Vlokh Irina

Slitenko Arkady

Popov Mykolay

Drobnokhod Mykolay

Moroz Oleksandra

Yevtushenko Stanislav

Lugovy Volodymyt

Ostryk Petro

Shabliy Oleg

Danchenko Valentyn

Vakulenko Oleg

Olekseyuk Ivan




Saint Volodymyr Award

Melnychuk Dmytro

Borodatyi Vasyliy

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Sayko Victor

Barannik Dmytro

Zhymela Grygoriy

Alexandrov Ievgen

Boychenko Boris

Velychko Oleksandr

Gyrin Vitaliy

Panov Boris

Gorovyi Anatoliy

Zaritskyi Petro

Mykhayloenko Vsevolod

Angelskyi Oleg

Korniychuk Ludmyla

Tytarenko Natalia

Zhezhelenko Igor

Sipatyi Vitaliy




Saint Volodymyr Award

Drach Ivan

Goncharuk Ievgen

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Kachkan Volodymyr

Aleksyuk Anatoliy

Hudz Volodymyr

Musienko Mykolay

Okanenko Oleksandr

Taran Natalia

Kirilyuk Victor

Checkman Ivan

Anisimov Volodymyr

Shekhovtsov Anatoliy

Romanovskyi George

Chalyi Oleksandr

Dobrovolsky Valentyn

Sivoronov Albert

Boyko Vitaliy

Strikha Vitaliy



Saint Volodymyr Award

Gonchar Oles

Skopenko Viktor

Yaroslav the Wise Award

Kononenko Petro

Fedorchenko Adolph

Yurchenko Oleksandr

Hrapunov Sergiy

Ilnytskiy Ivan

Shishchenko Petro

Berdyshev Gennadiy

Taran-Zhovnir Yuriy

Alekseeva Olena

Bilous Vitaliy

Ganja Igor

Moschych Petro

Shapovalov Volodymyr